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Finding answers or getting the right information is a challenge

Managing information within the enterprise is a complex journey, from sourcing to delivery of information to the right employee at the right time.

Information Overload

There are too many documents and repositories across many sources. Hard to deal with duplicate sources and versions of information


Searching through huge volumes takes a lot of time. Information is not necessarily organized for easy retrieval.

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Lack of Information

Not having accurate and timely information is costly, impacts productivity. Need to bring information from all sources seamlessly.

Outdated content

Expired content can lead to misinformation and business loss. Not clear what is the latest version.

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RapL GeniE

RapL Genie delivers timely answers, driving productivity and saving costs.

  • Unlock productivity

    Get quick and accurate answers about your products, processes, policies, customer issues, etc. Easy to access web and mobile app.
  • Seamless learning

    Use inquiry based learning through questions and answers. Easily enable learning with spaced repetition. Integrated delivery with knowledge management and learning systems.
  • Curate content easily

    Easily curate content and train AI assistants for your teams. Ensure appropriate access to latest information.
  • Real time Insight

    Generate insights by user groups. Report on information used and gaps in the knowledge base. Receive emoji and social feedback on answers.
  • Security & Privacy

    Customize RapL GeniE to each team in your organization. Use access control to selectively assign knowledge base to targeted groups.
  • Scale at low costs

    Easily scale from small to large teams. Simplified pricing and scalable access. Source, Manage and Deliver the right information to the right people at the right time to save time and money for the company.
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Genies tailored for your organization

Revolutionize Team Productivity for your specific industry. Industry specific Genie versions are available to provide the latest information and answers about technology, competition, and more related to your industry.

Auto GeniE

Retail GeniE

Tech GeniE

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